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Hillside Appliance Services Is a Valley Leader in Dryer Repair for All Brands and Models

We fix all types of problems including dryer taking too long, dryer has broken thermostat, dryer heating element not working, dryer has a burning smell, and dryer lint build up.

Our Services

  • Dryer service for all makes and models

  • Gas or Electric

Frequent Issues with Dryer

  • Not heating

  • Drum not turning

  • Not starting

  • Noisy/ Screeching

​Dryer Repair for All Makes and Models

  • Bosch

  • Kitchen Aid

  • Whirlpool

  • Kenmore

  • Electrolux

  • GE

  • Hot Point

  • Jen Air

  • Amana

  • Maytag

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Is it cheaper to buy a new dryer or get it fixed?

Deciding whether to buy a new dryer or get it fixed depends on several key factors, including the appliance's age, the cost of repairs, and its overall efficiency. If the dryer is less than ten years old and has been relatively reliable, repairing it is often more economical. Common issues such as a faulty thermostat, a broken belt, or a malfunctioning door switch can usually be fixed at a reasonable cost. However, if the dryer is older and has required frequent repairs, it might be more cost-effective to replace it.

The cost of repairs is a critical consideration. If the repair costs are more than half the price of a new dryer, investing in a new appliance may be the better option. Additionally, modern dryers are more energy-efficient than older models, leading to lower utility bills and potential long-term savings. They also come with advanced features that can enhance drying performance and convenience.

Energy efficiency and modern features are important factors to consider. New dryers offer better energy ratings, improved performance, and features like moisture sensors and multiple drying cycles. These advancements can provide significant benefits over an older, less efficient model.

While repairing a relatively new and previously reliable dryer can be cost-effective, replacing an old, inefficient, and frequently malfunctioning one may offer greater long-term savings and improved functionality.

Hillside Appliance Services offers great savings for the following qualified recipients:

  • Military Discount

  • Senior Citizen

  • Repeat Customers

  • First Time Customers

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